NOTE: This is a long thread, but be sure to read it to fully understand the extent of my situation  22-year old man here. Since December 2014, I have been masturbating on a daily basis (usually once a day and around bedtime) and I had no trouble ejaculating or voiding afterwards. For me, it was a comforting and soothing activity that relieved me of any stress I may have accrued throughout the day. 

All of that changed on April 25th, 2016, however, when I felt a tingle/sting of sorts in the area just above my testicles (where the ball sac and penis shaft meet) as I reached the orgasm stage. Next thing I knew, I felt the uncontrollable urge to go to the restroom and void intensively (to the point of straining) over a dozen times. 

No matter what I did, nothing came out of my penis and I spent the next 4-6 hours on that dreadful April night just trying to get some sleep, but being unable to do so due to the incomprehensible pressure I felt in my bladder that constantly signaled me to void (even as I left the restroom). 

I initially believed that bad food poisoning (which I suffered from at the time) was the main culprit, but the symptoms resurfaced in late May when the urge and difficulty to void reared their ugly head once more. I was still masturbating after the unfortunate episode that began all this. Sometimes, I would have good days. Other times, I'd have lousy days that prevented me from focusing properly due to my (possibly) overactive bladder. 

Five months later, I decided to do something about it out of sheer desperation and distress. I was so mentally broken at this point that I decided to consult a urologist. The DRE, bladder scan and cystoscopy performed on me revealed no physical ailments (no UTI, polyps, nothing), except for tight bladder muscles that my folks and the doctor blamed on excessive fluid intake for 3-4 years (nearly a gallon of water every day) and anxiety/stress issues. 

As a result of those findings, I reduced my fluid intake, expunged certain irritant foods/drinks from my diet, and underwent physical therapy and performed biofeedback pelvic exercises that involved expanding the abdomen and stretching in an attempt to relax the pelvic/bladder muscles.  For the first three months of 2017, I felt a significant improvement to my health. With the exception of a couple of nasty days (pee-wise) and a hospitalization due to hypotension and low blood count (that rebounded quickly), the first quarter of the year proved to be a miraculous turn of events (NOTE: I didn't masturbate during those three months). 

In April 2017, however, the symptoms of constant/difficult urination resurfaced and I began questioning the effectiveness of the pelvic exercises. On top of that, my hypochondria intensified to the point where I'd be unable to focus on work since I was too busy worrying about my health. Suffice it to say that I reached my breaking point by then, even after consulting two urologists and a physical therapist (I'll be visiting a psychiatrist later this month to get my hands on some anti-anxiety pills).

It was also around that time that I began massaging and touching my penis to see if I can stimulate it enough to extract more urine out of it and feel the parts that I believe were hurt by my masturbation sessions. It's worth pointing out that the two parts of my penis that I touch the most are the area where the shaft and testicle sac meet (likely the corpus spongiosum), and the area just behind the testicles and below the prostate/ejaculatory duct (likely the bulbospongiosus muscle). 

Now, in November 2017, the nightmare I experienced on April 25, 2016 is being relieved. My bladder once again refuses to void completely and I get the constant urge to go to the restroom (which is severely impacting my sleep cycle and even robbed me of 6 hours of sleep on 11/06). I'm trying to assuage and even expunge the symptoms by taking Flomax 0.4mg and resuming the pelvic exercises I regrettably abandoned since I received a new job as a game developer this past March, but I hardly see any improvements to my health.

In fact, the only thing that seems to be helping to a certain extent are sleeping pills with 50mg of Diphenhydramine HCl, but even that can easily get overpowered by my bladder (whose neck I fear is obstructed).

It's already been a week now since the incident happened again, and I'm at my wits' end.  My penis and testicle sac currently feel a bit floppy, almost as if the shaft is "disconnected" from the rest of my urinary/sexual organs (leaving the rest loosely dangling), and I strain incredibly hard just to urinate, but to no avail (hesitancy can last nearly 15 seconds). I'm forced to sit in order to force my bladder to void, but something in my urethra or surrounding muscles/nerves is preventing me from completely emptying my bladder or allaying the urge to pee. And when I do pee, there seems to be a few times where the stream would have a "stop and flow" effect, almost as if there are a few intermittent stops to my peeing before the stream goes back to normal. This unfortunately causes me to wet my underwear, and I fear that I may have contracted a neurogenic bladder, peripheral or autonomic neuropathy, etc. with regards to bladder emptying. 

Just to be clear, I did have two previous episodes in my childhood related to my penis, but they seemed to quickly resolve themselves: one in which my 12-13 year old self would have sudden and painful erections that would conclude with ejaculation (likely has to do with puberty), and another where my 16 year old self started to have sore legs and brittle bones which also caused my bladder to because overactive (forcing me to go to the bathroom frequently to pee, but realizing that not much came out of my penis). Turns out that overconsumption of pepper was to blame for my sore limbs and overactive bladder.  Diet-wise, I'm currently eating lots of fruits (watermelon, pineapple, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, apples) and plenty of salad/veggies mixed with some chicken breast. I drink between a quart and half-gallon of water every day, and 2-3 cups of dark roast coffee (which I reduced to 1 or none at all to see if my bladder would improve). I also consume plenty of yellow mustard with my meals. 

I won't hide the fact that I'm feeling morbidly anxious and panicky at the moment. Due to my hypochondria, I constantly fear that I may have contracted a serious disease (e.g. cancer) or permanently damaged my penis with no room for recovery, essentially condemning me to a life of misery. As a creative talent who wishes to design and build video games, my focus and work ethic depend heavily on my health, and the fact that my bladder/penis is failing me is enough to send me into a mental downward spiral that rivals depression.

This greatly troubles me because aside from the aforementioned bladder issues, I'm as healthy as they come. My parents refuse to assist me any further, thinking that it's merely related to anxiety/stress and overconsumption of fluids (which I cut back on), and the doctors I consulted agree as well. But I know my body near-perfectly and I know there's more to it than just mental issues. 

Do you have ANY ideas or suggestion on how I can cure/heal my penis and urinate normally once more? I want to live a long, healthy and happy life, and I fear that my lust has robbed me of my dreams, prospects, self-esteem, and worth as an individual. I have no wish to live the rest of my life with this heinous condition that's preventing me from concentrating on my work, friends or hobbies, especially given that it forces me to go to the doctor's office frequently just to see if everything is alright with my body. 

I'm thinking of getting another cystoscopy in the next two weeks, but I fear that nothing will come out of it and my condition will remain permanent (crushing my dreams). It leaves me feeling incredibly desperate...