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I had unproteced sex on 10/11/08, my period came 4 days later than normal, but it was what appeared to be a normal 5 day period. It is now 2 weeks later and I am experiencing mild cramping, severe nipple/breast tenderness and urinating on average 3 times per hour.

I do not think I am pregnant, since I had a full normal period two weeks ago. I have been experiencing consistant spotting. Not enough to use a sanitary product but enough to notice. I have had no nausea or vomitting, or fever, nor any indication that an infection may be present.

Could this just be a hormonal imbalance? or something more serious?? Pregnancy would not be a bad thing, but I just worry its something else. Any comments, thoughts???


It does not sound like you could be pregnant, because you had a normal period, even though it came a bit late. 

Frequent urination is a pregnancy sign, and so are cramping and breast pain, but they can all be caused by other things as well. A hormonal imbalance seems quite likely in this case, and I would advise you to see your doctor if you are worried, which I would be. 

Stranger things have happened - some women say they get regular bleeding that looks just like a period all through their pregnancies. But it's really unlikely you are pregnant.