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Am 26yrs, I used to urinate frequently (from 8am t0 11.30am today, I have urinated 3 times) and am not comfortable with it. I eat salt alot, what should I do to limit it.


Frisky Agbroko


Well, in order to avoid frequent urination, you should definitely cut down on maount of salt you are eating. The only way to do this is by your strong will by not adding extra salt to your meals. If you are eating bread, you are getting enough salt from it as well as from other foods, there is no point (in regards to your health) in adding additional amounts of salt to your meals.
If you are drinking a lot of coffee or alcohol, it would be wise cutting these out as well as they also increase water output.
Have you checked your kidneys? Kidney failure could be casuing frequent and excessive urination, so you may want to have it look at.