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me and my boyfriend, we kinda decide to take it to the outside this one time it's far away from people and stuff. 

 Before we hanged out, I shaved my p***y because I wanna look good and stuff. And it became a bit itchy and hurt a bit if you touch it, I'm used to the itchy part but the burning feeling? I'm not used too. But he kinda made me forget that. Anyway, a couple hours the burning got bigger whenever you touch it and the itchy did too. The next day, we went swimming and went to my house and did it again, after he leave, the itchy started to show, it was showing on my right side From my clitorit down to my right labia majora (outer lip) it's swollen now. Now it was swollen before we went swimming but the itchy didn't start until we swim and did it. I don't really know and I'm going out of town so like I don't know if I have Time to see a doctor. 


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Try putting some Cortisone10 on it.