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I am about to have mine out, had lots of attacks last year, last one about six weeks ago lasted five hours but otherwise fine, I thought I had stress or wind, I wasn't that worried. Was detected through abnormal liver function result in blood & scan revealed gall stones. My doctor is fab and thinks removal is for the best and I was fairly optomistic till I looked up on the Internet - please has anyone got some good news about this surgery??? I am beginning to feel all I have to look forward to is poor digestion, obesity and misery!!


Bump - Any one? I wondering if there is anything to look forward to? Perhaps all those that make it ok after surgery just don't check out the forums anymore? Or is there no light at the end of the tunnel? I'm a foodie and love to eat - everything in moderation. I don't want to have to not have an icecream and piece of exotic cheese or a nice glass of wine. I've had over 50 different single malt scotchs and would some day like to hit the 100 mark.

I'm 38 Male 6'3" and 230lbs and in pretty good shape otherwise - But I had my first attack 4 days ago followed by an infection in my gallbladder. I'm scheduled to see a surgeon on January 22nd for consult.

At this point I feel I'd trade any other part of my body to save my gallbadder.