I just recently had my gall bladder removed about two weeks ago. I was experiencing symptoms that were consistent with GERD as well as Gall Bladder Dysfunction. A HIDA Scan showed negative for gallstones but an ejection fraction of only 6%. So my GB had to come out and it was removed laproscropically. The first couple of days were okay and I seemed to be rid of the symptoms taking into accout the expected post opt discomfort. Now that my wounds have healed and discomfort in the abdomen is going away, I still am having problems Dr's associate with GERD. Is this normal? Is my body just taking time to adjust to life without a GB? I am since back on the prescription Ranitadine and a PPI Protonix. They do help but I still have some difficulty breathing at night and it worsens when I lean forward while seated. Has anyone had a hiatal hernia along with the GB problems/removal? Thank you for your input.