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I had a Hida Scan on Jan.22,2010, after having a EGD on Jan. 6,2010. EGD results were normal, biopsy R/O Eosinophilic Esophagitis were normal. told I have acid reflux, which we knew, G.I. DR. wanted to look @ Gallbladder so he order CCK Hida Scan, came back @ a ejection fraction of 5%, told it is barely functioning & I need to see a surgeon. can't get a appointment until Feb. 24,2010. Is that to long to wait ?


I'd ask you're GI even if you have to set up appointment or get message to him thru his PA.  My surgeon went on two week vacation after my diagnosis.  I'm guessing it is more our dealing with the discomfort than a danger.  Even with stones they don't seem to get to concerned.  If you have an attack they expect us to go to the ER and chances are they will only medicate us.  I'm fortunate I have few side affects other than fatigue and having tough time functioning to full mental capacity but then haven't been very active.  Tomorrow I'm attempting the gym and see how that goes as I've been gaining huge amount of weight for me and understand a lot of people lose weight with gallbladder problems.  Mine is so sluggish it's no wonder I'm gaining weight.  Don't really like fruits and veggies - raw or cooked but making real effort to watch my diet but still eating too much volume.  I only have to wait another ten days for my surgery and hope to get a second opinion if there is a way of increasing the ejection fraction as mine is only 3%. Digestion is better than it was a week ago.