I need assistance urgently with a case.

I was hospitalised on the 20 March 2010 for an Urgent Gaul bladder operation and the Dr that was to see me and perform the operaation was Dr Wimpie Van Vuuren at the Clinton Hospital (Alberton). The operation was done on Sunday 21 March 2010. I was sent home on Monday 22 March 2010. Tuesday 23 March 2010 evening I called the Dr and let him know that I my stomach was so severely swollen (it looked like I was 7 months pregnant) that it felt as if the stitches and staples were going to tear out. He advised that I needed to go back to hospital. I was sent for X-rays and Sonar on the Wednesday 24 March 2010 which revealed that there was a leak into my abdomen area. At this stage I started having problems with my vision and was going all funny and yellow.

I was operated for a 2nd time on Wednesday 24 March 2010 due to my liver leaking into my abdomen (for an unknown reason). In theatre the anaesthetist mentioned a couple of shocking things. She said I had yellow gounders and that my mouth was full of white sores which it was and that I had pneumonia (all of which the Dr avoided to mention) . When I awoke there, I could barely see. I had blurred vision and could only see the outlines of persons. I was left with a drain stuck into the top hole of the 1st opp and a very tender area below my bottom incision (just below my belly button).

The Thursday 25 March 2010 when the Dr visited the morning, I was advised that he prayed for me cause I was really sick and my Liver function was jumping all over. (Further to my knowledge, only when your liver gets damaged will your sight become impaired and your "Liver Function Test" be very high). I was scared.

The Dr kept me in Hospital until Saturday 27 March 2010. Every morning from the 25th - 27th a blood test was done to check my Liver Function. On the morning before I left the hospital I checked the file myself and I saw that my Liver Function on the 25th of March was 178. It is supposed to be below 50.

On the 26th of March Friday, I advised on of the male nurses to check with the Dr as there was something wrong with the bottom incision bellow my belly button as it was swelling up and is red and flaming hot. They ordered a Transact Plaster from the chemist. (Transact gets used for muscle pain or joint pain). The infected area below my belly was about 15cm in width oval shaped. I kept complaining that it hurts. Anyway, the Dr released me from hospital and said that the pain I was experiencing was because they had to go in a second time.

I was requested to see the nurse at the Dr's offices on the 1st of April 2010 who then sent me for another sonar and Liver Function test. The sonar revealed that I had an absses which they treated with meds.

Is this normal? Why the Blindness? Why the Absess which I'm still batteling with?