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Had a Uterine Ablation procedure, due to fibroid's and heavy bleeding, on March 30, 2010.
It is now almost the end of September and I have continued to bleed every single day, non-stop.
Can anyone tell me what's going on? None of the doctors I have seen have a clue and want me to have a Hysterectomy.
I do not want more surgery, I want to find out what is going on first!


I had a polyp removed via hysteroscopy and D & C on Dec. 14. It is now an 1 and  I am still bleeding. thank you for your post because all I get is "well, you shouldn't be bleeding..we'll just cut a small incision in your belly button and pull out the uterus through your belly button .. NO BIG DEAL.: Well, i is a big deal to me..I don't want omre surgery- I am hoping this is my body trying to heal itself. BUT, IF ITS BEEN 6 MOS., YOU MUST DO SOMETHING!! Looking back, I should have just had them take it out- one surgery instead of two...and there are NO side effects- the uterus is there to carry babies. If you are done, just take it out. You deserve some relief.  I ak going to call on  friday if it hasn't stopped.That's that.