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Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone can help me. Think i am losing it, for a while now when i drink water it feelings like its sticking in my throat, feels like my head is not controlling how i drink, I burp alot. I am tall, good weight, not much excercise , have a busy job, mother of young twins. 

I suffer from stress and anxiety. Been for a Endoscopy, came back all clear, Blood tests all fine. Now i constantly have a feeling in my throat as if something is there, aches in my chest. I don'r suffer at night from stomach pains. Doc gave me pills to reduce the acid in my stomach. Which i was not taking correctly until two days ago, due to missunderstanding the doc. He also gave me pills for stress, with made me feel so light headed.

Have changed my diet, no alcohol, coffee or tea, chocolate, spicey foods, which i use to eat and drink most nights. Feeling worse?????? Help!

This constant feeling in my throat like i want to cought up mucus and there is nothing there and the burping.

Cost me 70 Euros each time to see the doc. Trying to fix this with a healthy diet, have tried to be more calm as well.


Yeah, sounds like typical lymph congestion impinging the vagus nerve causing some upper GI issues. Try drinling lemon in your water. I know acid? Not, it will cure your acid stomach forthwith. Also try pineapple in your daily diet, cutting processed foods and eating 50% raw fruits and veggies. Last but most important get a mini-trampoline rebounder. Bounce on it 10 minutes a day if possible. This thick lymph will eventually kill you and your doctor will say all your issues are idiopathic. I thought in Europe they were hip to the lymph system more so than in states. I hope this resolves your issues. Thumbs up if it is good stuff I am selling for free!