Within the last week I developed some painful bumps on my clitoris and some on the outter lips of my genital area. At first there were 2, but the next morning that had doubled both in number and size. There was swelling and intense pain while urinating. Over the next 2 days the number of the bumps increased 3 times that ammount, the pain is unbearable (10 out of 10) to the point of nearly blacking out a few times and feeling like I was either going to throw up or faint, the bumps turned to open sores that resemble oral Herpes but the difference is that theyre bleeding. I am using Dermoplast to try to ease the pain but its not working so much. I read that using lidocaine or similar products is ok so thats why Im using the dermoplast. The swelling is so bad I canot touch myself to attend after going to the bathroom, I can only dab and even that brings tears to my eyes from the pain. Im really scared and told my mom. SHe won't take me to the ER and says if I have an STD I deserve it and brought it upon myself. I told her Herpes can be fatal if untreated and she told me to "Get over it" and to stop being so dramatic and that its all in my head. Im not a child, I'm 25 years old. Im terrified and don't know what to do or if this is just nothing to be worried about. I dont want to over react if this isn't serious. I also have had my period this week and I read that menstration can make Herpes worse for women. The bleeding and the swelling haven't stopped, the sores are still popping up. I have a number to call to schedule an STD test. But Im wondering if I should go to the ER ASAP. I read to get treated within days of an initial outbreak but I need advice. Im feeling really alone and lost right now. If anyone can help I would truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance