I am a 62 year old retiree on disability. The disk in my cervical spine is disintegrating, and it has caused me unspeakable pain for years.
My Doctor (GP) started my on Tylenol w/codeine. Moved to percocet, then oxycontin. He then referred me to a Pain Specialist, who immediately placed on 40 mg or morphine, twice a day. After 2 years, I was on a mega-dose of morphine, 260 mg, TWICE a day. My complaints persisted, and my Pain Dr sent me for a second opinion. The second Dr may have had the technical skill set, but his personality was like a mass murderer. He gave me three options: 1. Continue on this mega dose of morphine and wait for my kidneys to fail, and then die; 2. Check in Loma Linda Hospital in SoCal for 90 days (not affordable or an option), or: 3. Change to a synthetic opiate called OPANA. I chose the third option and slowly progressed up to 80 mg twice a day. I got very irritated with this so called pain Dr. I asked for help in getting of this drug and was basically told that his job was to put me on the pain drug and not to take me off of them. This is B#$* S%@*.

I began self weaning my self off of the OPANA. Instead of 160 mg twice daily, it was 160 mg once per day. Then after six weeks, it was done to 80 Mg's, then after several more weeks, it was one 40 mg tab of OPANA once per day. Finally an emergency hospital stay for congestive heart failure forced me to make a choice, the facility didn't have OPANA in their stores, so, I have stopped completely.

If my Hippocratic Oath taken Pain Doctor had helped me, like he should have, I would not have had the pain, nausea, shakes, diarrhea severe sweats, and all of the other withdrawal symptoms. My severe discomfort was unnecessary, unwarranted and unprofessional. I will be moving forward, now, opiate free. With only my self to thank.