Hi everyone, I've came here because I don't know what to do. I met my girlfriend 2 years ago we worked together, after we both left we met up and started messaging and then we ended up in a relationship. I'm 24 and she's 23, I live in the UK and she is from Poland but lives here. She's been married before and I didn't work he cheated on her but they have to work in the same factory. Her next relationship was a phyco that's all I'm saying. However we got to together and it was great perfect in fact and then she ended up getting pregnant at the time we found out we had only been together for just over a month she was 6 weeks when we found out. I said it's her decision and I'm happy if she is. She decided she wasn't ready and couldn't do it she was scared I think and then it all started to fall apart she always wanted to argue stopped messaging and then wouldn't let me go to the first appointment, I went anyway and she told me to home and what am I doing here I don't want you here. She even drove away from me. She was due in 3 days later and I convinced her to let me take her and she didn't end up taking the pill because she seen the scan and was happy it was still alive bare I'm mind she had already taken the first pill but it did nothing. So we left she gave me a hug and kissed me then that was it I got a message that night saying she's ringing back to make another appointment. She books the appointment at it was still a while away and she starts saying to leave her alone even saying please. So I did for a day then messaged again and she didn't respond so i went to her house and she told me to go away she thinks it would be best if we broke up but she wouldn't actually say where breaking up. Anyway she goes for the termination and she is 12 weeks wouldn't let me come or tell me the time she was going so I couldn't just show up. I messaged her at quarter past 6 in the morning asking and she said she was there and had taken the pill and she was in pain. She still wouldn't allow me to come so I asked can you keep me informed and message if you need anything I'll be there. Turns out it was a very bad time she had walked out the ward and went to the shop and it had fell out of her on the way back so she had seen everything she can barely handle that. She didn't tell me this but a mutual friend did she thinks she's a bad person but won't tell me anything. Anyway she gets back from the hospital and she messages saying she's home I said ok how do you fell and did you get enough rest and I get a response saying leave me alone I don't want to talk about anything. And then a couple more text a later I said I don't want to end things, she responded with it's end. So I replied and didn't get a response. So I left it a couple days and send I nice text saying i miss her care for her love her ECT and she read it. I waited a couple more days and send a longer message both didn't require a response it was just a im not giving up I'm still here message. Then she reads that and puts a link on Facebook to a song Helium by Sia, the lyrics are quite weird saying things like I thought I could do this on my own I need you ect so that made me think she misses me so I sent another message saying I'm here if you'll let me. And I get nothing back again. Bare in mind she never puts anything on Facebook so I'm pretty sure it was meant for me to see. I've sent another message today but she hasn't read it yet. What do you think I should do it's been weeks since I last seen her and the termination and break uo was 1 week ago today. Do I just leave it and try and move on or continue to message her hoping? I really need advise as I love this girl so much sorry for the longness just wanted to get everything in