Well, me and my girlfriend had safe sex on the day she ovulated (a day after or before), we were both relaxed that there would be no problem with that because I was using a condom. In the past few days, she was expecting her period and it came earlier like a day or two from her last one, and to add up, her period even came lighter and here we both became so nervous because we are both underage and we cannot tell anyone about it. She's even experiencing nausea each morning. I've done my research and everything shows that she's pregnant although I'm not able to understand how's that possible if we always have safe sex.

I'll be getting her the pregnancy test as soon as she finish her period because I've read that it's best this way. But I don't know what to do if she's really pregnant, I've even read that she could be ectopic pregnant which would make it even worse for both of us. I really need some help, we are both stressed to the max and we don't want this to ruine our beautiful relationship.

And also, I've read about medical abortions and it says that this also requires a doctor which is kind of impossible in our situation because we're underage.

Hoping a fast reply from you guys.

Thanks in advance.