So I've known this girl for almost over two years. I'm 21 about to be 22 and she's 19 about to be 20. We had sex the first couple days of hanging out but we started dating in May 2015. A couple months after that we found out that we loved each other and then soon fell in love. The past month we have had some problems. A few weeks ago, early November, she had told me she didn't feel the same and had this feeling since the middle of summer, maybe the beginning. She thought it was a phase so she ignored it and tried to deal with it. She told me that she didn't feel the same on a Wednesday and that weekend I came home, Charlotte, from college in Raleigh to spend the weekend with her. We went ice skating, out to eat and spent the whole weekend with eachother. The Wednesday after that weekend she wanted to break up with me because "there was nothing else to do to help the situation. I've known for awhile that she is bipolar and has had a hard life and still has one. She's been depressed and almost suicidal. I somewhat accepted it but the following weekend she would txt and call me, we had small talk or casual talk. Her friends would tell me that she told them, she still loved me. This left me confused and really hurt. I'm a senior in college about to graduate and she has two more years of college. I might soon have a job in Virginia. I feel like she's scared to stay together. I called her after that weekend and laid everything out on the table. Telling her I would do anything to make her happy and be with her. Now I used to surprise her with flowers, dates, movies, and other things. I haven't done that lately but I've tried to but I feel like it's to late. Recently we said we would ease into things to see if we could have that spark again, but we had sex right when I got home and days after that. We talked before I left to come back to Raleigh and decided to set some boundaries and ACTUALLY take it slow this time. We're talking like we still date but we don't and it's somewhat ok but it's hard to not act like everything is ok. I love this girl and would do anything for her and I have done so much for her over the past two years, but I can't tell if Its because of her disorder or if she really doesn't feel the same. I try reassuring her in every way that I can be the man for her and will love her with all my heart. I know this is a lot of info but I really need someone else's opinion. I can see myself marrying this girl and starting a family after both of us are financial stable and ready. Someone please help thank you