Hey guys, I'm just looking to get a little insight.

I met a girl five months ago, we hit it off like wild fire and it had been pretty much the same since then, we both fell hard and fast, or so I thought.

She told me early on that she has bipolar and some unresolved childhood issues with her dad, there also is an age gap of about 6 years, she's 21 and I'm 27.

We both went through some really intense stuff together like her getting a breast reduction and recovering from that as well as some drama with me and my long term best friend, throughout all of this we were strong and she told me she was in love with me and that she hadn't felt this way about anyone in a long time, she even made me bond with her family and we became really close.

Over Christmas she cried because she wouldn't be able to see me on the day and that I was the only one that she wanted to spend it with, so I pulled some strings and I made it happen for her, for us, silly me.

We spent a reasonable amount of time together over the holidays, around 15 days and there was no sign that we were going to break up or anything, in fact she told me that that would be the last thing she wanted and that she loves me and never wanted to lose me, she also stated that she feels like she was going to go through a manic phase and that she could always feel it coming, this was something I hadn't experienced before.

See the thing is I came back to my house (I live an hour away) and the next day she messaged me saying she thinks we need to talk, she broke up with me an hour later on the phone stating that she "doesn't think we're compatible" and "that we'd highlighted some things about each other" that she "loves me but isn't in love with me" and that she "needs to focus on herself and doesn't know what the future holds or doesn't see it after her breast reduction" i asked her to think about it for a week and come see me, she did that and came back down, returned all my things except a few and told me the same things, she was not acting like the girl I fell for at all and she did cry, however this is something she did constantly over nothing while we were together, as far I'm aware she is medicated on 150mg of sertraline a day, I'm not sure if that has any effect.

Not only that but when she got home she blocked and deleted me off all social media and my phone number, I hadn't even pestered her or hurt her in any way, as far as I'm aware I treated her like gold, I loved her she was someone I never wanted to lose.

My question here is am I just reading things on here and making false associations or does this sound like something to do with her bi polar? Any advice or just general conversation would be much appreciated.