Okay, so I'm 18 and had a boyfriend (we had unprotected sex) in January but we broke up 3 months later. Then i began to date someone else in April and we had sex and the condom had broken but we didn't think anything of it because he was previously tested and i was tested when i was with my ex, but about a month or 2 ago he had discharge coming out of his penis so he went to the Dr. and they said he had Gonorrhea and Chlamydia ... he was given a shot and four pills. Because of insurance purposes i had to wait to go to the Dr. but when i went, they gave me 4 pills and a shot. The problem w/ this is a lot of people are telling me that i was supposed to be on antibiotics but i wasn't prescribed any, does that mean i still have it ? Also my boyfriend ate me out but we used a condom when we had sex, so does that mean i could have given it to him all over again. I'm so embarrassed, someone please help me with the answers. thank you