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Okay well I was positive for my first ever pap test then I got it cured with the drinking powder and I went back for result and me and my boyfriend got tested again for negative but my gyn said I had bv and I was never cured. Later on I went of vacation with my family and boyfriend for 2 weeks I noticed discharge again so I called my gyn amd made another appointment. After vacation I went and got checked and my boyfriend got tested again and we hust took the pills his doctor gave us. Then I went for a pap and he went to take urine.few days later I got positive for chylamida and my boyfriend starting questions me asking if I cheated. I said no Im LOYAL to my man. But we took the pills and we was gettimg cured. Through the week I gave him oral but with a condom on. Now I have discharged and me and him thought it was the left over cum from when we have sex (on depo by the way ), but I took a urine test last week and my result are positive now im about to lose my relationship because he thinks I cheated.


Hi Unknown,

Did both you and your partner get treated and then did BOTH of you have follow up exams that showed the chlamyida cured?

How long after the treatment were you cleared?

It is possible that it was never completely cured.  

Are you sure that your boyfriend ever got tested?  Can you trust the he saw his doctor for an exam and the follow up visit?

Sorry to say it but he may think he doesn't have anything and since most men are very afraid of doing anything with a doctor, much less exposing their genitals, I'd be questioning him first.

He should have receipts - for tax purposes at least!