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Late last year I went and got fitted for orthotics from a sports med podiatrist. I ran with these orthotics all winter. During this time I suffered from ITBS. I would tell the Dr. and his reply was that I needed to run less. I didn't like that reply and just stuck it out. This spring the pain got to bad to continue running so I ran without them. I felt pretty good and the ITBS vanished. However, the reason I got orthotics to begin with reared it's ugly head. While running, I collapsed my arch and tore my Plantar Fascia. This time I went to a Sports Med Chiropractor that came highly recommend. After a short examination he discovered the problem, besides having "duck" feet, which cause me to overpronate, my left leg is about 1/4" shorter than my right. He fitted with custom Vasyli orthotics right on the spot (last time I had to wait 8 weeks! and these are 1/4 the cost). I ran in them last night, pain free even with a torn PF! The length difference in my legs is what was causing the ITBS.

I just wanted to share this in case anyone else is having similiar problems out there.


That is truly amazing! I've been trying to get Mr. Airehead in to get fitted, but he hasn't been able to go.

Congrats on finding a health professional that listened to you.

:dance2: on the pain-free run!!!!