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With cold season approaching (at least outside of northern California where the sun seems to be permanently affixed to the perfectly blue sky), it is a good time to start thinking about healthier foods to eat. So, I decided to post today about an article I found on immunity boosting foods. Bellow are some of the immunity boosting foods :
(1) Chili Peppers
(2) Green Tea
(3) Ginger
(4) Blueberries
(5) Cinnamon
(6) Sweet Potatoes
(7) Tomatoes



Hello anasmith,

You just can't go wrong with immune boosting foods.  This is the time of year when I take in a wide range of berries (raspberryies, black berries), pomegranties and various pumpkin type squashes.  Needless to say, green tea is a staple for me everyday of the year and I have found that it keeps the sniffles away.   Ginger is another excellent immune booster and I use it in my green tea.  I cut a few thin slices and put it in with a tea bag and steep them together.  The flavor is wonderful.  And, of course sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants as well that help to prevent oxidative stress and keep your metabolic pathways running properly.