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Maybe I’m not getting a lot of answers because nobody wants to read essay size questions :P haha. I’ll make it simpler 

I’m a vegetarian middle school girl in need of meals and foods to boost metabolism and get flat abs. Bloating is a big problem for me. I am a little underweight. My goal is 1200-1500 calories a day. I am trying to be healthy.

1. Meal and food ideas? Preferably easy cheap things you can find in any grocery store or something almost anybody has in their home.

2. Special foods and exercises to help boost the metabolism and reduce bloating? I heard green tea, cinnamon, and olive oil was good for that, is that true?

3. Frozen meals are my only option sometimes, any healthy specific ideas?

4. I really need to get up 1200 calories but I just don’t have that big of an appetite. Anybody know really healthy foods that contain a lot of calories?

Also, please tell me what you think of what I normally eat. My diet usually includes almonds, fish, fruit, vegetables, whole wheat bread, special K cracker chips, baked lentil chips, non fat Yoplait vanilla yogurt, wild/brown rice. I’ve been trying olive oil and cinnamon on a whole wheat English muffin. I recently started trying organic peanut butter; so far I’ve only had it on a whole wheat English muffin, but I plan on trying it with apples, bananas, and celery. Are these all good choices? Remember, I’m aiming for flat abs and a higher metabolism.

Today for breakfast I had
-¼ whole wheat English muffin with organic peanut butter
-¼ whole wheat English muffin with olive oil and cinnamon
-A few almonds
-I tried about half of a chocolate protein shake for the first time

For a snack I had a few baked lentil chips, a few special K cracker chips, and some almonds.
Have I eaten healthy so far today? What would you change about what I ate?
The only exercise I’ve done today is an hour of tennis; I plan on walking after dinner. Is tilapia in a whole wheat tortilla a good healthy dinner for my goals?
Also, what should I eat for lunch? I have a black bean soup, full of protein and fiber. But won’t that make me bloat? Or I could try a whole wheat English muffin with something on it. Help me! 

Oh, one more thing...I kind of have a lot of stress in my life. Does anybody know easy good tips to reduce the stress?

Wow. This was so not simpler. Haha..Sorry. Still please help me!!!


not much to work with when your a vege!

1- potatoes,salmon and brocoly!

2-grean tea, and crunches!

3-you wont get far with those, most contain meats!

4-no appetite and no meants, all you eat is healthy diet like foods! you really need to start eating 6-8 meals a day!