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I was convinced by my Dr to do the green light laser 2 years ago, after the surgery, there was pain at the base of the penis, beneath the head, the dr said to wait, after 6 month, I saw another Dr, and he did another TURP to clean the mess from the 1st one as he claims, the pain went up from 3 to 7, since then I have been struggling from a Dr to another to ease the pain with all the drugs and no results till now, I am experiencing mild to severe pain like a spasm in the sphincter as they told me (but may pain is beneath the head) - some doctors told it is a depression others prescribed some alpha blockers as they said it is a chronic pelvic pain,
Please Please, Any one had any similar side effect, Any help, Any ideas,

Note : the pain does not come an go, it is constant.



For 7 months, til now as I wite this, my husband is always on constant pain down inside and in his "soldier" and had been on catheter since February this year after the traditiona TURP. Twice he had carred tissue removal and the one was this  August  but still he could not pee on his own without the catheter.  The pain would become worst if his not on catheter. Today he is researching on "hyperbaric oxygen "  machine.