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My fiance has told me that I grind my teeth in my sleep. I don't even realize it, but I trust him. I just noticed this afternoon that one of my front teeth is chipped around the edge. It doesn't hurt or anything and it's not that noticeable. Could I have possibly chipped it in my sleep if I only noticed it today?



My friend told me about this problem. He has it also, and he says that he doesn’t even notice anything until his wife tells him in the morning. He was also afraid that he might cause problems to his teeth as well. The sad thing is that you have already chipped your teeth. Now the good thing would be to go and see your dentist to fix your teeth. You might tell him about grinding during the night and see if you can get a protection for your teeth. I think that he can make something that you can put during the night on your teeth so you don’t cause any problems to your teeth at night.

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