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Hi I have a question about my grandpas health today it's Agust 2nd and 4 months ago He had an infection in his ear and the doctors let a lot of time pass and now i think the infection is gone but after the infection a huge pain came and he still has it the pain is like behind his right ear like a little bottom from the ear and all the way to a little bit more on top of his ear which makes the pain go all to his right side of his head and they gave him new pills every time he went to the doctors and the first pill seems to work and takes the pain away but then it comes back and he takes another one and that time it Dosent take the pain away he even stopped working because of the pain and he has these pills that calm his pain but like every time he gets the pain he has to take one because he can't stand it anymore and he went to a doctors and told him that it might be cause of his teeth but she also gave him more medecine and the first one worked but the second one didint anymore and ever since the last four months he gets the pain so severe at night he can't even sleep and the doctor told him to comeback to another appointment on Monday to see if the pills work but they didint she said if they didint work to comeback and she was going to send him to a special dentist and we really hope it's because his teeth because were scared it might be something more dangerous does anyone might have an Idea what it is please answer me I really need an answer !!!???


Hi Babby,

Get your grandpa to the dentist to rule out the teeth being the cause.

He SHOULD NOT be on pain pills for this.  It's not a treatment it's covering up the symtpoms of a problem.  His doctor should be ashamed!  If their is pai then something is wrong - PERIOD.

Find another doctor.  Your grandpa has suffered for 4 months.

Good luck.