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I was trying to get diagnosed for strange movemnets I had. I saw numbers of people having similar issues so I thought I post.

I have some of these symptoms, facial distortions or tics, head and shoulder movenment. They compound after a stressful day or if I have been trying to suppress the "tics" for extended periods. Mine are jaw and shoulder movements. They are almost impossible to control. It is similar to blinking. Try not to blink for several seconds and then at the moment you need to blink try holding out for 10 more seconds. That is the feeling of the urge to make "tics". It is almost painful not to. Mine started when I was young (8-9) but I outgrew them by age 12 or so. Then after a car wreck 6 years ago they returned then went away again a year later. After I had gall-bladder surgery, they came back with a vengeance. I go in today for an appointment with a neurologist, but so far my best luck has been with chiropractic care and taking some calcium supplements.
I was diagnosed with what is called, "Habit Spasms" Lots of info online about this. Many people have them come on or present more vigorously when stressed or anxious. Just FYI


Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. It is really nice to have you in our midst.