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My son has a tick…well his nose is twitching. I am worried that nose twitching can be symptom of TD. I know that this disorder affects the kids. I haven’t noticed other tics, but he has had this one for years. I would like to hear more about this disorder and about symptoms of TD. I’ll be grateful to hear some experiences connected to this condition.


Hi, my son’s teachers often complained that he is not able to stay in one place more than 3 minutes. She said that kids in class were complaining that he was making noises, like whistling and grunting. He disturbed them and they started to reject him. We asked for professional help as the tics and teasing others continued. He was diagnosed with Tourette’s disorder. I know that vocal and motor tics are symptoms of this disorder, but not necessarily together. Vocal tics are meaningless sounds and noises, grunting… and most common motor tics are blinking, grimacing, and nose twitching. We have been attending family therapy since he has been diagnosed.



I have had a nose tick for my life. I am 27 years old now and my parents remember me having it since I was about 2.

I have nose twitching ticks that makes me look like I am grimacing.

Some people make remarks and some people think that I am overreacting to what they are saying, but mostly family and friends get used to it.

I have not had any severly bad experiences about it. I have normal learning ability. In fact, I have been best of my class in school since childhood and currently I am a PhD student of Biomedical Engineering. I don't seem to have any other disorder.

The nose twitching has been slightly less pronounced after I crossed 20.

If it is only a tic, I suggest not to discourage the child and not to make him feel he is any different from others.

I personally know 2 other people who have similar symptoms and one of them is a sucessful businessman and the other a politician.