I've been going through a lot of stress for the past month (October)..

I didn't get my period when I was supposed to, I ended losing my virginity a week after I was late, then a couple of days later, I guess you can I got my period because I was bleeding for a couple of days .. my menstrual is usually 5-6 days and for some reason, it has stopped early

Not to mention, I wanted to make sure .. how long do I have to wait until I take a pregnancy test? I want to make sure because it was my first time and I dont want to sound paranoid but I am .. my partner has told me he used a lubricant condom and he pulled out before he cummed but he did tell me he has pre-cummed a lot..

Plus when we had intercourse, I didnt bleed after nor did I feel any pain whatsoever..

It has been a week and two days since we had sex...

What does this mean? I'm worried.. :'(