my right tonsil has been enormous for over four months. I have gone to kaiser permenentae 3 times And they have yet to give me anything, not even medicine which is all I wanted. The doctor told the specialist my tonsil was a 4 and the other one a 1, and i don't know if 4 is big but it's been big for four months. They became enlarged back in June as I got a really bad throats infection for three days, but then it started to clear up and get better, but a week later it got really bad again, my tonsils not only had a lot of tonsil stones but there was white foggy things all over them that really scared me, it hurt so bad to eat, but I recovered again and haven't gotten another infection since, so I decided to go to the doctors. The first time all they did was give me a strep throat test, they didn't even check my tonsils. The second time I went was a month later as I thought since I didn't have strep, that it would clear up, it was still big. I had showed the nurse and even he was startled, like all I wanted was medicine but she sent me to a specialtist and had the appointment in two weeks, but had sent me to a stomach specialtist, so I had to reschedule for the next week. By the time I fin all your went, all they made me do was drink thick drinks and didn't even check my tonsils. I am not trying to go back but they are still big! My dentist told me to see her in two weeks to check on my tonsils. So my real question is, how do I sue kaiser and how much money do you think I'll get because there are times where I choke on my own spit and it's really annoying how they didn't even offer medicine like bro I'm so mad rn.