TBR - To Be Removed! 

Two summers ago I came down with a very bad cough.  I had no fever or sore throat.  Just felt horrible and coughed.  I resorted to having a shot or two of whiskey every night to help me sleep.  After a negative mono/strep test, 4 rounds of antibiotics, and steroids.  Then another round of antibiotics after I noticed yellow draining fluid from my right tonsil.  I went to the doctor many times and then finally got referred to an ENT, at first he wanted to shave off the membranes in my nose because they were so inflamed I barely could breath through my nose.  I later went back again he then wanted to finally remove my tonsils giving it the lofty title of Chronic Tonsillitis.  I was hesitant (scared) so held off doing the surgery to try and see if I couldn't get it to heal first.  The doctor suggested to use a water pick to clean out the craters in my tonsils.  I went to a drug store immediately and oh! my! gosh!  my tonsils were so full of stones it took me an hour to finally feel like I got most of them.  The next day I felt noticeably better.  So between then and now I used this method of water picking my tonsils as regular hygiene and used Cypacol in the water pick, and that helped too. 

Two years later and with the tonsil still weeping pus I am getting them removed in a month on August 30th.  Ever since that summer I have always felt tired and run down. I gained 30 pounds and 6 months ago I was seen for my mid-back feeling like it was on fire and they found I have developed arthritis in my mid-back so I began taking an Rx for arthritis.

I use to be able to run five miles and lift weights and now I found myself fighting through the exhaustion and pain only to hit a wall 3-4 weeks later in utter exhaution and to be back where I started.  What the heck is going on? I have since done more Internet research on this chronic condition.  I think my tonsillitis has caused an inflammation reaction in my entire body.  What is weird is I would experience noticeable inflammation after running.  I wonder if any others have had similar issues?  Any insight from others here are appreciated.

I will post my progress and I am hopeful to be back to my "normal" self in energy and weight. :-)

Note:  When I was 12 after the 2nd bought of tonsillitis my mom wanted to have them removed but the doctors refused since the train of thought in the 1980's shifted from a rudimentary procedure to an abrupt stop.  I am 40 years old now having to get them removed.  I am not very happy about this and neither is my mom!