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Hello everyone. This blog is a savior for so many. Every one who took the time - you are AMAZING! Thank you. I am 30. I am desperately needing a procedure on 8 toes on both feet (2,3,4,5) I've been struggling with wide, huge and ugly feet all my life. Beautiful face and body, ugly feet give me such lack of confidence in bed, beach, summer, everywhere. Hate it! My toes are long but not curled yet since they are not rigid yet, at 30 they are still flexible, but my doc said as i age they will become rigid and painful. I have an ugly corn on each toe and the corn is growing into a hard bony bump. Nothing i did helped reduce it. it just keeps coming back, even if I don’t wear high heels, corns are still there.

I have gone for a consultation and considering doing the procedure. But i have a few questions:

1. Has anyone done two feet at same time and would you recommend it?

2. Which way did your doc make the incision? If you shorten long toes 2,3 - then Horizontal cut makes sense to close the skin neatly. Otherwise where would the skin go if it was cut along the toe? What was the direction of your incision and how did it heal?

3. Scars. How do the scars look like compare to the corns on scale 1-10 (1 being super) after a long time of healing, say a year? Would you share some healed toes pics?

3. How much does it shorten each toe? Did it help reduce your shoe size? Did it shorten the "already short" 4,5 toes too? (with 2,3 being so long, i wear size 11 wide)

4. My 2,3 toes are taller than 1, but 4,5 are normal, does it mean 4,5 will also be shortened same as 2,3?

5. Pain or Beauty? no one anywhere on the web recommends doing the procedure for beauty, unless its painful - especially docs. But, having ugly toes is painful enough. Did everyone do it to reduce physical pain or is there someone who did it for the beauty purposes only? Was it worth it?

6. How is the swelling after a year? Especially those who had 6-8 toes done? my understanding was, toes retain so much fluid and take longer to drain it up the legs than the rest of your body, that’s why the swelling is prolonged. Please tell us, did anyone completely lost the swelling and after what time? Swelling also depends on the direction of the incision. If its cut vertically (along the toe) - less capillaries are damaged, less blood, less swelling. If cut horizontal, most swelling.

7. How is the mobility? Had anyone have floppy toe ever since? has anyone have a sausage toe ever since? Anyone had nerve pain chronic pain ever since? When did you restore your full exercising routine after the procedure? Are there activities you can not do ever since?

8. Before-After pictures. Anyone who is happy with results or unhappy, would you be so kind to post some pics somewhere? Feet is everything - one wrong decision and we are ruined forever. I can not find pics anywhere. Can anyone help?

9. I live in Chicago, Can anyone recommend a great doc in Chicago?

All of your help is IMMENSELY appreciated! Please answer, please anyone who can help - THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Thanks for sharing so much info. I'm sure there will be a member who has the experience that will help you. I'd like to help by giving some suggestions as you search for a doctor. Perhaps you have found one by now, by here are some tips that you can still consider. Check the surgeon's success rate: Is the doc respected for his actual work, by his professional (local) peers?: Does the doc work for a reputable institution with a good track record?: Is the doc Board Certified and a specialist in the needed area?; Do you get your questions answered and do you leave the office satisfied with the answers that you've gotten? Have you seen any of the doc's finished work? I hope these questions will be helpful to you. Good luck and please let us know how it goes for you.


Having both feet done at the same time is probably not a good idea. You'd have to deal with recovering from both surgeries at the same time and if there's a complication, then you're in a wheelchair for awhile. I'd ask what the doctor thinks but my inclination is that he'll want to do one and then the other. It should help reduce the size of your foot a bit although I don't know if it'll be a full shoe size or not. In any case, good luck with your surgery. Keep us posted on it!


I thought i was the only one. i know how you feel.


HI I am new to the forum! I had hammertoe surgery on 15th April which was a bone fusion and a K-Wire which will be in place till June 3rd!!! I am a teacher and have been off work since my op. The surgeon says I should stay away from work until the pin is removed as he doesn't want it to get bumped or anything like that. How long did other people have their pin in for? Mine will be 7 weeks total!!!! Also, when did you return to work?

One more thing- I have a strange bruise (but not a bruise)/ blood blister- callus thing under my toe directly on the other side of the toe from where my stitches were. Has anyone else had this? To touch it it feels raised but smooth (like an apple skin) but hardish. And it hurts like buggery!!!!

I have a photo of it but not sure if/ how to add it.

Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Thanks :-)