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i have a lump on the inside of my thigh where my jeans rub. well about 2 weeks ago i noticed a little pimple like pump so i poped it, it kept cumin bk so i kept poping it. not its big doesnt havea head but stuff keeps coming out of it. it hurts and really hurts when my pants rub. what is it and what will make it go away? Ive tried peroxide alcohol neosporn drawing salve i poked it with a needle and squeezed it alot, nothing that i have tried has worked. please help me..... please im a waitress and it hurts to walk alot with this bump.


Considering tha pain and the fact that it is a solitary bump, i would say it is an infected pimple. You may try applying some corticosteroid cream for a few days but if it doesn't work, you may see a dermatologist for a antibacterial ointment.

Or you may be applying an antibacterial ointment during the day and corticosteroid during the night and see if it goes away.