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A few weeks ago what I thought was just a pimple showed up on my labia. It was accompanied by one or two other pimples that I popped and they went away so I assumed this would be the same but it wouldn't pop. So I left it alone to just go away but instead it got bigger. Now it's a alarmingly large hard bulb. It still feels sort of like a pimple and I tried squeezing it a bit to see if it would pop and some liquid type substance came out but it only got harder and hasn't gone down in size. My husband and I have been together for 4 years with no other sexual partners and we were both virgins when we got together so it's very highly unlikely it's any sort of STI. It's likely nothing very worrisome I'm just wondering if anyone else has had anything else like this and what they did about it.


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Hi, it could be some sort of cyst or something like that, is it painful at all and is it on your labia majora or minora?

Try putting a hot compress on it and see if that helps bring it to a head.