I recently got my earlobes pierced a little over three months ago. It got pierced with a sterile 14 guage needle. I cleaned it for the first month with sea salt solution and the piercing didint seem infected until i changed to a different cleaning product for it. My piercing started leaking puss and bleading so i shortly switched back to the sea salt but it never improved. At first, I didint notice but my dad had mentionned their was a small bump beside each of my piercings. We didint think much of it and thought it was pus that had accumulated trapped inside of the bump. I ignored it because it never bothered me, but recently the bumps have gotten bigger and they feel really hard. It wasnt sore before but while cleaning it I must have put to much pressure on it and blood came out. After that the bump what smaller but really sore. I went to the doctor ( I dont relly trust doctors) and he said it was a Cyst. He recommended to clean it with antibiotic cream which so far hasnt made a difference. What do you think it could be? A cyst? What should I do?!