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im a 16 years old
my nipples hurts
it have been like this for quite a long time
i thought it may be normal because i was growing into teenager...
but i really want to know why
it really makes me unconfortable
it hurts... kinda sore...both of my nipples

maybe this is because a couple year ago, my friend ( naughty and likes to joke around)
he grabbed my nipples so hard, it really hurts me
i told him to stop but he keep did it ( for joking and just playing around)
is it possible that my nipples hurts because of this??

well, it kindda embarassing to teell this to anybody
but i need to know

i avoid going to the doctor
i dont want
it is too expensive
hm... could anybody help me please??


im having the same problem dude, ill bookmark this page to see your response, seems like u post this in 2006, you may have the answers why so... please share it to me, mine hurts too. i dont want to leave an email ad here, like as u said its embarrassing to let others know


ice them strippers get their nipples pinched all the time, i know it makes them hard but ice them everyday