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kiki, Has any one heard ofcaigua capsules i recieved a pamplet in the mail about this product.It is suppose to flush out an burn up fatty cells located nearet the skin.


From what I have been reading about Caigua, it seems to be good stuff, if not for weight (I don’t know I haven’t heard or read any reviews on its impact on weight) but for health in general.

It is said that besides being used for weight reduction, it has been used for cellulite removal as well. There have been clinical studies about this “product” and they showed that it worked well in regulating the metabolism of fats and sugar in the blood, reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the good. There have been found flavonoids in it, the same stuff present in soy, which serve as antioxidants.
This product, plant, or whatever it is (cucumber from Peru) needs to be taken regular for weeks or months to show the good results, just like any other good product.

I think that it wouldn’t cause any trouble or had any negative effects on you general health if you decided to give it a go. If you see a difference, or any other good benefits please, let us know!