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A couple of days ago I was re-reading my "N.Y. Road Runners Club Complete Book of Running" and came across the running drills chapter.

I did the drills yesterday for the first time. Boy am I sore today, and I can tell that I'm going to be even more sore tomorrow. (at my age, the aches take a few days to develop) But it's a good kinda sore, ya know.

Has anyone tried these types of drills??? I would think that they improve running form and economy. They definately make a workout more interesting by adding some variety.


Are you talking about the explosive drills like jumping up and down on boxes? Or form drills like high knees, butt kicks, bounders?
Did both in high school and college when I played volleyball. Made my volleyball teams do box drills and my track teams do form drills. I used to do form drills but haven't in a few years. Need to get back to those, because you're right, they definitely help with running form.


Form drills, did these, in this order:

Did each, except where noted, in 1/4 mile laps around track, plyometric for 100 yards, recovery run around turn, plyometrics 100 yards, recovery around 2nd turn.

Super Skipping
Basketball Slides
Frankensteins (straight legged strides - walking)
Butt Kicks
Stiff legged running
High Knee walking (100 yds only)
High Knee jogging (100 yds only)
Triple Jump Bounding
Standing Long Jumps

Then I followed these up with a series of 100 yard dashes, recovery run around the turns. Idea was to try to pick up speed after every 5 step.

As I expected I am even MORE sore today. Not used to that kind of workout, but can't wait to try it again!!