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Hi All,

Is it possible to have implantation bleeding which I am very certain I had last Sunday, 14th January. It was a pinky/brown discharge. I then had pregnancy symptoms all week nausea, metallic taste in mouth. On Saturday morning I did a pregnancy test as my period was due on Thursday, 18th. The pregnancy test had a very faint blue line, then I wiped myself and there was a discharge similar to that when I start my period, I am now having what I would consider as my normal period. Have I miscarried?

Thanks for any help/advice anyone can offer.


Hi, I noticed that it doesnt seem like anyones given you any advice at all and at this point im sure you have your answers but if I had been in time to help at all my advice would have been, first to ask if you read the test within the recomended time, usually within the first ten minutes (and most often you get a reliable + or - within 1-3 minutes) after that any line variation is not representative of a reliable result.

Which might have answered the discharge you noticed at that time, you may have misinterpreted the results based on the time you read it and the spotting then may have been your actual period starting.

If you were disapointed by your outcome, im sorry, keep trying!!