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Hey, I'm 15 years old. My Last period ended on January 7th. I then losst my virginity to my boyfriend on the 10th... It was unprotected, and he came inside of me, twice. It has been exactly 4 weeks since my last period, and i haven't got it yet, i am suppose to get it today. Since Jan 17th, I've had really bad cramps, and some bleeding.. But it wasn't like spotting, it was more then that.. I was at the hospital for it, and they ran a couple tests but didnt find anything wrong, but they didnt take a pregnancy test, cause i would only be a week at that point. I have also had some headaches, dizzyness, lightheadedness, and the cramps are still existant, more worse at times, then others. I have had suuch bad food cravings, and pains in my lower back... '

Just today, I felt like i was going to puke, 20 mins after i woke up..

I just wanted to know, if it sounds like I'm pregnant, Monday the 31st, will be one month. And i'm kinda concerned, I've already talked to my dad, and mom.. But they aren't ever there for me anways, so i can't ask them these questions .. so can someone please help?



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hmmmm thats a hard one to say. it deffinatly sounds possible. why did he ejaculate in you twice??????

anyways i would wait another few days of so then take a home pregnancy test (make sure to follow the directions on the box as any alteration could mess with the results and give false pos and neg.

if you have anymore questions just ask we are here for you.