1. Importance of Fruits in Diet
2. Apple
3. Apricot
4. Avocado
5. Bael Fruit
6. Banana
7. Date
8. Fig
9. Grapes
10. Grapefruit
11. Indian Gooseberry
12. Jambul Fruit
13. Lemon
14. Lime
15. Mango
16. Orange
17. Papaya
18. Pomegranate
19. Raisins

Fruits are one of the oldest forms of food known to man. In fact, Adam, the first man ate an apple, the ‘forbidden fruit’ of heaven. There are many references to fruits in ancient literature. They state that the fruits form the base of the Food of Gods. According to Quran, the fruits like grape, date, fig, olive and pomegranate are the gifts and heavenly fruits of God.

The people in ancient times regarded fruits to be endowed with magic or divine properties. They gave them due reverence and dedicated them to their gods and goddesses. They also used their designs in decorating temples, vestments or ceremonial garments and sacred vessels.

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