I'm not sure exactly where this belongs because I'm not sure the source of the problem. little history, I'm on 3 to 4 mg of xanax a day for panic disorder. They told me that was the case after I went to the ER with a sensation in my brain that it was shutting down. They did an EKG and every kind of test and everything was fine. I've had MRI's, Catscans, Xrays, everything.

Lately due to my panic disorder, I've done nothing but lay down. It's surprising how often a day I feel like I could die and the symptoms are very real, its not a fear, its a spontaneous attack of sensation. Anyways, I'm inactive.

As embarrassing as it is to say this, yesterday I was masturbating, my heart rate was going up but I felt with it this sensation as if my heart was weak and cold. I felt like if I didn't stop I'd have a heart attack or something. Not that my heart was beating so fast, but I could feel this icy cold sensation as I progressed. I guess I didn't think anything of it, except today, the next day, I did it again. Only this time it was worse and the sensation stuck around long after my heart rate had gone down. It lessened afterwards, but I could still feel this cold sensation eminating from somewhere. Hard to say, my heart, in my sternum, I'm really confused because I can't figure out why this would happen. I did jumping jacks and push ups recently to get some exercise, but this didn't happen. But both times I've elevated my heart rate though other means, this sensation began towards finishing. And it scared me. I felt like I had to stop or if I kept going I would die.

Could it be a coincidence that it happened then and my activity triggered a gastrointestinal response supplying this cold chest sensation? Or could this be something wrong with my heart? I had an EKG about a month or so ago and it checked out fine. In fact, despite the miserable, horrible, on deaths door state that I feel myself to be in all the time, every test ever performed on me was perfectly normal, except one.

One test a year and a half ago showed I was b12, glutathioine and others, deficient. But I hd no such symptoms then. however I had no panic issue and I was physically fit. Undestandably I'm a bit afraid to die doing "that" and I don't see the correleation.

Any thoughts?