I undergone cholecystectomy during 1993. I was told by my surgeon, during treatment of Liver to remove hydated cyst, they found Gallbladder got infected and they decided to remove to avoid further damage. (Second surgery for removal hydated cyst - first surgery not done in its complete and after 9 months second surgery).

Since then, I am feeling terrible pain on the right side above abdomen not able to rest at back or even sleep compfortably. Not able to eat or digest the normal food, irregular intervals of stools.

After 5 years, I had heart attack, another problem added. Now, I am exhausted, not able to walk nor speek with full energy. I am now 57 years. Feeling difficult to live. Because, the same surgeon, said, except nuisance with symptoms which is beyond the control of treatment specific to the person.

In this forum, I would like to know, Is there any way out so that I can live happily move as well as others. I am professor in Computer Science, in one of the reputed University in India.

with advanced thanks,
Bhanu Murthy.