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im 24 and 6 months pregnant had problems with my wisdom tooth for 6 months i cant sleep and im in extreme pain, i hae visited my dentist and they have informed me i need it removing cus its damaged, but they said they wnt remove it while im pregnant, i cnt deal with this for anova 4 months is there anyway around this so i can ge it taken out as i have read that you can have teeth out while pregnant


Hi Vicky,

It depends upon what they need to do to remove it.  In some cases they have to sedate you and many dentists would be reluctant to do that if you're pregnant.

Is it a dentist or an oral surgeon that you're seeing?  An oral surgeon may be able to do the surgery in a "day-care" setting as opposed to a dentist office.  They should be able to have an anesthesiologist present, if necessary.

Pain management after the fact may also be an issue.

You can always get a second opinion.  Again, this may not be something that can/should be done in a dentist office.