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Hello, female with a pair of sebaceous cysts on my cheek center. I've had two consultations with a surgeon and dermatologist & The general consensus seems to be removal......,, but I would like them removed by someone who's cosmetically inclined instead. Does anyone know of a great cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon I can check out in NYC, paying cash. Thanks for your help, Tessa  


yes, I think that it is a good idea to remove this cyst because it won't cause more headaches for you. I mean, I don't have problems with it, I never had, but my friend did and she told me that surgery is one of the best sebaceous cyst on face treatment. It is not dangerous, you will recover very soon from it. The most important thing, once you do the surgery, this cyst will never come back causing you headaches and problems. Generally, surgical removal is the most common treatment and a lot of people are doing it. They are satisfied. Good luck!