Im a female, 14 years old, and i'm from Porterville California.
and last night i noticed pain in my neck. This morning i had my grandma look at it and she said it was just a swollen lymph node.
She told me to take antibiotics and it would get better.
but it's only gotten worse.
Its right below my jawline on the right side of my neck.
I started researching on this website and the results i found scared the c**p out of me.
I have a medical history of infections.
bladder infections. (when i was young, about 7 or 8, and the most recent when i was 12.)
sinus infections. (for the last..say, two years i've had really bad sinus infections and i've been to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera for multiple tests like a CCT and an MRI)
and ear infections. (also when i was younger, nothing recent)

One of the symptoms mentioned in a previous article mentioned night sweats.
which i have alot. but im not sure if its because of the lymph node
or just the heat.
I've also noticed throbbing in my right ear
and eye strain.

also pains in my upper stomach right below my ribs.

im really scared and i dont know what to do.
Somebody HELP?