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Hey guys! 

I've been taking anti-depressants for like 6 months already. Last week i stopped taking it, because they ran over and i forgot to get a new medical prescription. Two days ago I was at a party and took an LSD plus alcoholic drinks. The trip wasn't that good and to be honest it didn't really make a big effect. I got home and couldn't sleep for that day. Then the next day I couldn't sleep either. But I wasn't scared because of it cause I always spend days not being able to sleep because on anxiety and insomnia. I usually just stay layed down with my eyes closed and that already rest me. 

I've just had a lunch. Then like 15 minutes later my vision started getting dizzy. This feeling kept on going and I can't focus really straight. I feel like in a different reality, it's weird. The colors are more brightful too. I'm afraid of never coming back to normal. Is this like a flashback? Cause It's taking longer then I thought it would. It has been already like 30 minutes since i started feeling this. Even with it my thoughts are okay. I can concentrate still but I feel my mind really weird.

Wow, I've just felt something strange, like if I was floating. I don't know what to do. Can someone help me?

Thank you guys.


Hey, I've just had a theory about what's going on. 

I've stopped taking the anti-depressants last week, which means the effect of it is getting lower day by day. I've read that SSRIs anti-depressants reduce the LSD effects. What may be happening is that while the anti-depressants go, the LSD effects get bigger and bigger, like if it wasn't fully inhaled by the body.

Anyway I'm really afraid that's all I can say.