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I have a daughter who says no more to testing for weed.  We have been battling this behavior for over a year now.  Every time we quit testing she gets caught.  She drives home from wherever she has been smoking with friends.  She doesn't drink.  It's just horrible fights and anger throughout our house.  Too make matters worse my wife has been battling cancer for 8 years running.  You wouldn't know it as she looks and feels wonderful works out every day.  Still I really really resent the added stress the daughter brings into our household.  My wife doesn't have the mental strength to keep her grounded.  Her friends all smoke and she is not leaving friends.  I do believe it is 1-3 times a week.  She and all her friends are straight A students.  She works out 4-5 times a week and super fit.  I just don't have the strength to fight.  I would like to tell her to take a hike.  I don't like her at all right now for what she is putting her Mother through.  We have been zero tolerance and it's not working.  Thinking about looking the other way and at least create hapiness once again in our household.  She has big sister in college and 7th grade brother who is wonder child in academics and sports.  We praise her all the time for her successes and grades however lately we have been grounding her all the time and she hates us.  Should we consider changing our stance?



I'm only 13 but my cousins have kinda gone through the same situation.... I also have never done drugs nore will I ever do them, but here is my advice.

I think the best thing for you is to put her in rehab as SOON as possible. Sure she will be super mad , but essentially you will save her life. Drugs can do terrible things. Hight school is tough , and she will miss  her friends, but what happens after high school? Friends part and go their own ways.

Rehab will intoxicate your daught and after rehab I garentee she will thank you and her personality will go back to her sweet self.:)

She hates you right now because will intoxicated she can't think straight. She pretty much  is a zombie. Zombies love flesh. She loves pot. The only thing on her mind is that.

I think you as a parent should keep your parenting skills strict because in the long that is what makes an amazing kid. Slaking off will make her feel depressed and make her smoke pot even more!

Your wife and you shouldn't be stressed out about this. This should be that last thing you guys should worry about. Stress, hate, and anger add up to what? Divorce. Keep the house in a happy mood as long as you can and have family outings.




That is terrible advice^


I recommend you talking to her about it maturely, like friend to friend. Say listen, I smoked a little pot but you can't be so angry and need to learn to listen to us, etc.


If she gets good grades and whatnot then what the heck is the problem, sir?


Silly question.