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hi there what are the signes of herpes?and is there a treatment?


Symptoms usually vary from one person to another. They occur 2 to ten days after infection and you may not get lesions at first. Initial symptoms may be burning and itching, pain in the genital area, pressure in abdominal area, etc.
Some days after these “starters” a person may develop red spots that eventually turn into blisters that may ooze clear watery substance and that crust some time after and the disappear.
Besides these primary symptoms, an infected person may develop fever, headache, pain in the muscles, urinary troubles and swollen groin lymph nodes.

You cannot get the virus leave your body, it stays inside forever causing outbreaks.
There are creams that can help lesions and blisters heal sooner but you will continue to suffer from occasional outbreaks.

You better see a doctor if you believe you had contracted genital herpes. It is extremely contagious and spread through skin to skin contact.



I agree with what was said. Further still I'd like to add many people like myself, don't have many symptoms at all!! Which make it very hard to know who and when I got it!
There are two main types of herpes, hopefully we're talking about herpes simplex which causes cold sores. There is facial herpes type 1 and genital herpes type 2!
Contrary to popular belief, the most common one which is the facial one is more dangerous as the infection can travel to the brain, this tho is extremely rare. It is believed that 90% of the population has herpes one, so almost impossible to get away from.
HSV 1 is caught pretty much from kissing, HSV 2 (genital) obviuosly by sexual contact.
HSV 1 produces cold sores, burning of the lips, tingling sensations around the mouth, then the outbreak of sores which last for days.
HSV 2 can also cause sores around the genitals, but as I said..not much of a big deal.
Get a simple STD test to confirm as well as any other STD's. People keep the HSV virus forever, some have sores, some don't. It won't kill you ok?

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