My long term partner and i had sex all night 2 nights ago, and we performed oral and had unprotected sex as we normally would.

In the morning we went at it again oral included. About an hour later i had noticed redness on my bottom lip. I got worried thinking it may be a coldsore. I get them but never in that spot not that i can recall.

I kept an eye on it yesterday and it was very very small, (maybe with the help of my paranoid state), it seemed bubbled and tingled. I squeezed it (maybe a silly thing to do but i did) and water came out mixed with blood.

What i dont know is if it is a coldsore it developed during the time we had oral or just after. I didn't feel anything when we were sexually active only after. It was certainly the next morning I noticed and felt it on my bottom lip.

Could it be just a cracked lip?

I know genital herpes 1 is transmitted by oral herpes 1...... what i am stressing about is the timing...i dont know if i had it at the time we had oral sex or just after.

What can i do to ease my mind...

1 How soon will we notice anything (down there) if it is genital herpes.
2 Can we test to see if we have genital herpes 1 in a blood test..and
3 How soon can we do this test?????
4 If you have a cold sore does it have to be fully out to transmit to genital herpes?