okay, so last week, I experimented with another male...we started to have sex, and he used a condom, but after only a minute, i was very uncomfortable and made him stop...maybe a day and a half later, i noticed a small blister-like spot right outside of my anus, and then the next day i noticed swollen lymph nodes around my pelvis...in the shower i put a little pressure on the blister and it felt like i relieved the pressure and it went away...a few days later i went and got examined, and the doctor said the blister wasnt any sign of herpes, and i had no sign of genital herpes...over the weekend, my swollen nodes have gotten slightly worse...ive been very very stressed and spent most of the weekend stressing and laying in bed...so now it is one week later, and i still have no signs of genital herpes but my lymph nodes are still swollen and a still a little sore..theyre also slightly swollen in my neck...any ideas about what else could be causing this??