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Hi there, i'm 14 and have a thin vertical strip of white-ish skin (Frenulum) attatched to/between the ridge at the back of my penis gland.

It doesn't cause any problems other than when my penis is erect, it seems to be pulling my foreskin up slightly so that it bunches up underneath the head of my penis. I can stretch it all the way down with no pain or discomfort (the head of my penis arches back a bit) but it immediately springs back again when I let go.

The skin itself is attatched about 1cm just below the urethral opening at the back, and runs down and merges with my foreskin. From other pictures I have googled, my Frenulum is longer and attatches further up the gland of my penis than other guys'.

I'm just slightly worried as from what i've read it can cause problems during sexual intercourse and if that's the case then I want to get it sorted now before I start with that stuff.

Will this problem solve itself or will I need surgery? (Really dont want to have that though)


Hi Guest,

There is some variation in the lengths of frenulum's so don't worry about how it is attached or the length. 

Worst case, if it is tight and you have sex, it may break.  If it does it'll hurt and there will be blood. 

Remember though, you are still developing and growing.  Your penis can grow until your early 20's and as you continue to masturbate/have sex your foreskin will also loosen more and grow.

Check with a urologist, this is their area of expertise, if you are still worried about it.  From what I read, you are NORMAL.



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hey guest,
There is no way to tell for sure about your frenulum because we cat see what it looks like but based on your description I think you shoud be ok.... if you are too rough durring sex or masturbation you could tear your frenulum. Google frenulum breve and see if yours looks like that


It sounds, based on your description, as though you have sufficient retraction that you won't have problems when you start intercourse. Be gentle though, because it is possible to tear the frenulum.